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Swinging Sydney in your Pocket

First a disclaimer – I didn’t go to Sydney on a business trip. It was my two vacations for that year combined and the plan was to travel Australia.  Sydney was my first stop; missed out on New Year’s Eve celebrations (used up my all my holidays before January ended!), but just in time for Sydney festival. It’s September and summer is approaching the country’s party capital, so here are some easy tips to cover a lot of Aussie ground in a short span of time.

Sydney is the ostentatious cousin of Melbourne, as it has got more of the famous and well-known sights the country has to offer. Of course there is the much ballyhooed (10 years of construction delays) Sydney Opera house by Danish architect Jorn Utzon. But upon seeing the expansively complex structure it sure is bound to take the wind out of the sails of its critics. Right across the opera house is the Harbour Bridge where they have tours take make you climb all the way up one of the bridge towers. It’s pretty expensive, and takes about two hours. I think I’ll take the view from down here, thank you very much.

It is almost summer there, so take a good walk along Darling Harbour, relax your feet in one of their pools, or cross on over Pyrmont Bridge, a pedestrian bridge with a monorail built above it. If you get the timing right, you can watch the bridge swing – it’s the first swing bridge  to be powered by electricity. I didn’t get to see it turn, but the control tower is photographed below.

Pyrmont Bridge

Cap off your day with a good view of the city from its many harbours, then head over to The Rocks for a drink in Sydney’s oldest precinct.


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