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Don’t Go To Iceland

It’s quite isolated, hard to get to from most places, and it’s pretty expensive. But if you do – it’s a reward; I keep saying it: It’s the best country I’ve visited so far. I usually reserve my judgement for a few weeks before I hand out a verdict like that, but this one won in me in the first three days.


Just to counter what I initially said, Iceland has direct flights from North America and Western Europe, with national carrier Icelandair and budget airline Wow that opens up additional flights during the summer (May-Sep). Expensive? Not crazily so. At par with many Scandanavian countries, maybe a tad lower if you’re not booze-centric, and most of their attraction are natural wonders, which are free.

Going back to the “don’ts” :

1) Don’t just spend 5 days in the country; you’ve (probably) come a long way to get here, so make the most out of it. There is plenty of nature to be enjoyed across all points of the island. Do explore the far eastern reaches of the island.

2) Don’t limit yourself to the city accommodations; there are cute little cottages scattered everywhere. The prices do not vary wildly, so take a chance on the cozy cabin by the lake, or the homey guesthouse on a cliff overlooking seals. There are plenty of camping options everywhere too.


Your cabin. Sheep, glaciers, and the rest of nature included.

3) Don’t come unprepared clothing-wise – the weather changes quite frequently and be prepared to deal with ice, rain, wind, and sun.

Narcissus flowers fill the lava fields

4) Don’t expect ice and snow all the time – yes, the weather may be variable, but it not all snow and glacier despite what the name (and Game of Thrones) tells you. A friend observed: there’s a lot more ice in Greenland, and a lot more green in Iceland.

A glacial lagoon. Cool.

5) Don’t worry about wifi – the country is very connected. I even got wifi (not 3G!) at the crater of a volcano, beside geysers, and in fjords. But having said that, do you really want to be immersed in your little gadget when you’ve got a beautiful country all around you?

On the next blog post – a  little bit more on itinerary help, and what to see. In the meantime, more pictures!

Majestic mountains all around

Plenty of trekking to be done.

Here’s a “do” : Brush up on geology to appreciate how these land forms were made!


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