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A First Taste Of Africa

It’s been a year since I wrote something in this blog but I now found the perfect excuse – I only have two vacations a year, so anything more than two blogs posts, I will consider as a victory. Ha. And in reference to that, I was extremely amazed at Iceland (you can tell), that i had to go for another interesting┬áchoice this year.

It was time to explore another continent – I’ve always been enthralled by Africa, but not for the safaris and the wildlife but more on the people and what it’s like to see first hand how different this is from places familiar. Having visited Iceland made me like nature and trekking more than city trips.

My first choice was Ethiopia – a country filled with highlands, deserts, roock-hewn churches, and one of the few permanent lava lakes in the world. I must admit, in my binge-watching of The Amazing Race, I saw a lush mountain landscape, however, the timing coincides with the dry season, so I figured it was going to be dusty and brown. In the meantime, while I write rest of my itinerary here, I will leave you with a photo.