Whether they're small weekend trips, or week-long holidays, here's a blog to help you do more than two vacations!


Driving in Northern Norway

I was quite impressed with the video quality of the Sony RX100, I thought I’d share a video of what the drive in the Arctic looked like. We had reserved several days to view the Northern Lights, but since we got to view them on the first night, we had several days to explore Finnmark, some 500 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. This are is on the northern most province of Norway and above Sweden and most of Finland.

Driving around the fjords is an adventure in itself, especially when the desolate landscape is covered in fresh snow. Throw in a short days (sunrise was at 11, sunset was at 1, and you’d never see the sun as its was covered behind the clouds), then youa get a truly atmospheric drive.




Welcome to Two Vacations A Year. Believe it or not, I only get fifteen days off  annually, and this translates to two full-on holidays where I can totally unwind and recharge my batteries. It is some sort of craft on how to splice these well-rationed days off, by strapping them next to national holidays and/or weekends or appending them to another trip, business or otherwise. Either way, this blog is a story on how to maximise little trips here and there and make it into a journey. If you only had two vacations a year, where would you go?

Would you pack your flip flops and scour the beach?Would you head off to another country and soak up the verve and pace of city life?