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Changes, and Not Changes

So the blog has been quite for some time, and to summarise the last 7 months, it’s nothing short of a roller coaster ride. Major changes in my personal circumstances have come to pass – family composition, education, work, and location. It’s been an insane amount of changes, some more welcome than others, but here we go.

So the change first: I have moved location and am now based in Western Europe, so expect more pocket trips from this side of the world. However, there’s enough material for me to feature my beloved Asia and other continents. I may be featuring a bit more on my new location and the nearby cities in the Netherlands, but will try to keep the content fairly balanced. What will not change: the title and theme of the blog. This blog will still be called TVAY, and though you may contest, I’m now tied to a desk job, which will really allow me just that (not more!).

So let’s start in getting to know my new location. To be honest, I haven’t done much sightseeing as I am still too busy sorting my personal arrangements, but if there’s one thing that stand out in Den Haag, it’s the surprisingly clean, novel, and efficient modern Dutch architecture. I will skip the usual brick-made canal houses, and show you the working and living spaces instead.

The city hall, built in 1995 was definitely ahead of its time – now, almost two decades after, it still is a futuristic beauty thanks to the vision of Richard Meier. Looks familiar? Check out his other work, MACBA, Barcelona’s Contemporary Art Museum featured here.

There’s more to see, but I’ll leave it at that for now. And definitely it won’t be another half year until I write something.